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hip&fresh is an independent italian brand, founded in 2016 in Treviso. The project is born from the mind of Mirka Cocchetto who began drawing at the age of only 13, driven by her strong passion for fashion and elegance.


The clothes we offer want to convey a style that goes beyond the boundaries of the classic, characterized by the exclusive use of precious and natural materials. Each collection includes casual and comfortable clothes, made with Italian fabrics and haute couture manufacturing. A luxurious and modern design, given by the synergy of simple lines and refined details, exclusively Italian characteristics.


Each dress is unique and is produced in a limited series - from design, to weaving, up to quality control - in our Treviso office. And, precisely for this reason, once sold, it will be difficult for them to be restocked.


Our products are designed and handmade, and are of a quality level equal to or higher than those that can be purchased in a luxury boutique. For years, in fact, we have been collaborating in the creation of prototypes for important Italian and foreign boutiques, as well as for major international fashion brands.